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In Season - April

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April is the start of spring and brings us fresh, light ingredients to enjoy in the warming weather so why not try out:

Fruit: Rhubarb

Rhubarb Fool

Veg: Asparagus, Brocolli, Samphire, Spinach

Spinach and Egg Cocotte

Nettle Soup

Asparagus, Cherry Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad

Seafood/Fish: Cockles, Crab, Plaice, Sea Trout

Langoustine and Fennel Bisque

Gin Cured Gravlax

Spicy Citrus Cured Prawns

Champagne Salmon

Baked Salmon Parcels

Spicy Prawn Noodles

Salmon and Bacon Salad

Southern Prawn and Grits

Potted Shrimp

Fowl: Wood Pigeon

Meat: Lamb

BBQ Rosemary Leg of Lamb

Seven Hour Lamb

French Lamb with Boulanger Potatoes