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Pissed Pineapple

Pissed Pineapple
27th January, 2017

This is a fun pudding and very simple to make. The name derives from accusations that this pudding alone finished off an entire table full of people and had nothing to do with the large quantity of wine that had been drunk before and during dinner

You really do need to try it


  • 1 Pineapple (whole)
  • 250mls Cointreau,
  • 100g brown sugar
  • A good vanilla ice cream


    24 hours before you want to serve the pudding prepare the pineapple

    Top and tail the pineapple, peel from the top downwards and then cut in half, core it and cut in half lengthways. Once cut in half, cut into pieces (you want to make sure each piece is about a mouthful)

    Put the chopped pineapple into a seal-able container and the cover with Cointreau. Seal it, shake it and leave in the fridge for AT LEAST 20 HOURS

    Whack the grill on high and take the pineapple out of the Cointreau (save the Cointreau marinade as a shot to serve on the side).

    Roll the pineapple in brown sugar and place under the grill for a few minutes until the sugar begins to melt and caramelise on one side.

    CAREFULLY turn the pineapple over and grill the other side until caramelised

    Take out from the grill and place on a plate with a spoon full of vanilla ice cream and serve with the shot glass of marinade.

    You are now tasting osmosis