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New Years Eve Menu

new years eve 2020

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Tis time to say so long to 2021 and all the joy and travails it brought. For me; I'm using this night to celebrate with food from the Culinary World Cup. It was a mammoth task and at several points I kept questioning what the hell I was doing but I persevered and the sense of triumph (and relief) I felt on finally cooking every dish was immense.

So below I've got some favourites from this period. They're all finger food and snacks so it should go well for your celebration

Wishing you all a great night and an even greater 2022, from all if us here at


The WINNER - Japan: Yakitori

Russia: Chebureki

Morocco: Kefta Tagine

Peru: Tuna Ceviche with Tigers Milk

Argentina: Choripan

Serbia: Komplet Lepinja

South Korea: Dakgangjeong

Panama: Patacones