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Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu
5th March, 2017

It may be thought of as a bit of a throwback to the 70's and 80's but the combination of chicken, ham, cheese and crispy breadcrumbs is timeless

Still a firm family favourite


  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 4 slices of Emmental or Gruyerre Cheese
  • 4 slices of Ham
  • 2 Eggs
  • 50g Flour
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 3 slices white Bread
  • 2 tsbp Sunflower Oil
  • 50g Butter


    First you need to pound out the chicken breast tio make them thin enough to roll. I prefer to cover the chicken breast in cling film like a pocket and then gently bash the chicken with a rolling pin. Do this first to all the chicken breasts

    Once the chicken has been bashed out to thin, take a flattened breast and unwrap the cling film, place a layer of ham on top, then a layer of cheese and roll the chicken breast up into a tube. At this point, to keep the breast rolled, pin it with some tooth picks and then wrap in cling film.

    Repeat his with the remaining chicken and when done, pop it in the fridge for half an hour to help it set

    Whilst the chicken is in the fridge, blitz the sliced bread in a blender to make breadcrumbs and put onto a plate.

    Whisk the eggs up in a wide enough bowl as we'll dip the chicken into this soon

    Measure out the flour, add salt and pepper to season and place the flour on a plate.

    Remove the chicken the from the fridge, take off the cling film and dip the rolled chicken (with tooth picks) in the following order: Flour, Egg and then Bread Crumb

    Cover the chicken in cling film again and return to the fridge to chill and set

    When you're ready to cook, heat the oven to 180C

    Use a large frying pan and add the oil and butter and bring to a medium temperature

    Add the chicken and cook each side until golden. This should be a a few minutes each side

    When browned all over, pop on a baking tray and place in the oven for 20 minutes until cooked

    Serve straight away